The Past, Present & Future of 3D Mobile Scanning

LFM and SarPoint Engineering to co-host a SPAR Webinar on mobile scanning

LFMs vision for a Trusted Living Pointcloud demands a continual strive to deliver as broad a consumption mechanism of laser scan data as is possible. Part of this delivery includes an open approach to process any form of 3D data capture into a single dataset. Mobile scanning technology continues to advance at a rapid rate so LFM have teamed up with Canadian mobile scanning specialist SarPoint Engineering and industry body SPAR Point Group to look at the processes, lessons learned and future requirements for capturing, processing and consuming mobile data.

Please see below for the webinar details and registration link directly from the SPAR Point Group website.

The Past, Present and Future of Mobile 3D Laser Scanning
Whether its mapping the social infrastructure of entire cities, performing coastal surveys, capturing vast mining expanses or even capturing data from moving platforms, mobile scanning continues to become more prevalent. In this webinar one of the pioneers of mobile scanning services, SarPoint Engineering have teamed up with laser scanning software specialist LFM Software to uncover some of the lessons learned from years of mobile mapping and provide some ideas for the future including an industry-revolutionising new technology from LFM, the HyperBubble™. Building on the strength of the BubbleView™ the HyperBubble is an advanced rendering technique that provides an immersive overlay of point cloud data, perfect for mobile scanned projects.

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