Trusted Living Pointcloud

The future of 3D data capture

Globally 3D scanning has solved the challenge of automating of the surveying process, offering a significantly more efficient mechanism for capturing data and providing vastly increased accuracy of project deliverables. The result of this solution is an enormous leap forward in facilitating the processes of change but with this comes a new set of challenges; how to manage this change and the ‘big data’ that accompanies it whilst maintaining trust in the information provided.

LFM is leading the way to solve these challenges with what is perhaps a surprising approach; to scan more. The continual drive for both construction and operational efficiency coupled with the ever-increasing productivity and capabilities delivered by data capture technologies are rapidly broadening the application of point cloud data across the asset lifecycle. No longer is the process of ‘throwing away’ data after every project an acceptable approach to consumption as end-users strive to find more value from point cloud data for their businesses. LFM are utilising our unique tool set to ‘breathe life’ into point cloud projects with a vision is to deliver the next generation of point cloud data consumption; an evolving source of reliable, value-rich information that forms a core 3D component to a perpetually changing digital asset.

6 principles of a Trusted Living Pointcloud


Handle massive datasets throughout the lifetime of an asset. InfiniteCore technology facilitates projects with a limitless number of scans without loss of resolution or compromise on consumption.


Quickly and easily update current datasets with newly scanned data. Robust data demolition capabilities allowing outdated points to be hidden rather than deleted


Trust your data with quality assurance and data validation. Have the ability to structure scan projects and then add intelligence to these to suit the operation in hand.


Securely manage your point cloud with permission based access for data stakeholders irrespective of location, device or application. One single source of data that can be worked on concurrently globally. Offline mode for environments without access and version control for syncing back to master dataset.


View your captured digital asset in a photo realistic model with BubbleView and HyperBubble technology.


Extract information from laser scan data and add information to create a central intelligence store. Tag the point cloud to identify key components of an asset and align attributes and documentation to these components. Enable a spectrum of applications to extract geospatial intelligence.