LFM Laser Scanning Road Shows in Canada

Proven time and again on thousands of projects worldwide, laser scanning has solved the problem of automating the surveying process. This has delivered vastly improved accuracy of data, much safer work processes and drastic efficiency savings throughout the process of capture, design, construction and operation. However, in doing this the industry has created a new problem in better enabling change. Continual, rapid and enormous volumes of change!

Change is good, change is necessary and change is inevitable, but it brings with it risk. The challenge that the data capture industry must contend with now is how to better support the process of change and minimise the associated risk. The rapid and broad expansion of laser scanning continues to deliver increasing potential with advances in both hardware and software technology. And building on this technology LFM are offering a unique, visionary solution to deliver a Trusted Living Pointcloud to our clients.

LFM have teamed up with our global network of Value Added Resellers to bring you a series of road shows to give you the opportunity to learn about the latest technology, industry best-practices and the benefits you could gain by creating, delivering or consuming a Trusted Living Pointcloud.

Who should attend?

Whether you are new to the industry or have been using laser scanning for years you will find enormous benefit in attending these events. The agenda presents something for all, whether you are a surveyor, working in design and construction or an asset owner looking to streamline your operations.

You can find specific agendas and registration details for local events below. If you don’t see an event locally please get in touch and we can update you on local events as they are scheduled.

Calgary, Canada

Thursday, 12th November 2015

Calgary Winter Club
4611 14th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2K 1J7

(Registration for this event is now closed)