LFM on the agenda at SPAR International 2014

We are delighted to announce LFM’s involvement on the conference agenda for SPAR International next month.

Following the Volvo Keynote presentation, Living in the Point Cloud Gary Farrow, LFM VP will be first in the Industrial Facilities break out session where the presenters will detail the how-tos for virtual modelling to document facilities in real time.  Gary’s presentation Scan data Management will consider utilizing point clouds to map and align design, in greenfield and brownfield projects rather than the more conventional 3D models.

Also on the agenda LFM will present a technical seminar on Laser scanning for Asset Management. The session will be presented by Andrew Roberts, Development Team Lead at LFM who will preview the technology behind the upcoming release of LFM NetView 4.0.

LFM NetView allows users to remotely access, review and annotate the laser scan dataset providing a critical tool for project collaboration and asset management. With a seamless connection to the LFM master dataset end-users are able to simultaneously and securely access and share huge databases containing an unlimited number of scans without loss of resolution. The 4.0 release of the product will introduce truly unique 3D mark-up functionality and tablet operation with an ‘offline mode’ enabling LFM’s customers to take the laser scan data onsite, mark-up areas and attributes and collaborate with the master dataset when back online.

The tablet enablement, along with the simple and remote access to the laser scan data that LFM NetView provides will deliver the as-is condition of an asset to the desktops of project and management teams much quicker than is currently possible, dramatically reducing time spent on site and improving the efficiency of project delivery.”

You can join the LFM team at SPAR International on stand 517.

point3D to present at SPAR International 2014

We are delighted to announce that LFM Value Added Reseller point3D has been selected to present at SPAR International in April.

Gregory Lawes, Owner at point3D will be co-presenting with LFM customer Kirk Knorr, Manager of Engineering P&I Group Burns & McDonnell.  Their presentation, entitled Hand-held Laser Scan for Validation will form part of theNew technologies: 3D measurement hardware selection breakout session on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th April. It will cover the use the Dot Product DPI-7 hand-held laser scanner on a petrochemical facility and utilising LFM’s technology to provide a CAD update.

The abstract is here:
Hand-held Laser Scan for Validation
The use of tripod 3D Laser Scanners has become common place for capturing everything from chemical plants to architectural details on historic buildings.  Nowhere is the use more prevalent than in the petro-chemical industry where it is almost mandatory on major projects.
The hand-held laser scanner has entered the market and is gaining a foot hold due to ease-of-use, portability, and instant capture and feedback.  The Dot Prodcut DPI-7 is a new entry into the hand-held laser scanner market, and unique in offering rapid capture and real-time registration.
The DPI-7 was recently introduced to the Houston operation of Burns and McDonnell, and was used on a high profile project in a gulf coast facility.  The scanner was used for pipe spool validation of a critical spool segment, to be installed several hundred feet up top of a new distillation column.  The scans, capture with the spool segment on the ground were used to validate fabrication before installation.  It was critical to determine fit-up before committing crane and manpower to the lift.
The presentation will discuss the project’s use and benefits.  The presentation will also address the technical details of the scanner that is making this rapid capture possible.  The work-flow will be detailed from raw capture on tablet to LFM scan model and CAD update.

You can join the LFM team at SPAR International on stand 517

LFM support SPAR International 2014

LFM Software, announced today that it is once again sponsoring and exhibiting at SPAR International 2014, taking place 14-17 April in Colorado Springs, USA.

LFM Software is proud to be once again sponsoring the SPAR International Conference which every year provides a fantastic opportunity to discover and experience the latest advances in the application of 3D technology. LFM will be showcasing our latest technology throughout the conference so be sure to visit us on stand 517 for previews of some very exciting product developments!

About SPAR International 2014

Our world is measured in 3D, from global construction mega-projects sharing information among thousands, to Kinect devices being used by individuals. The SPAR conference focuses on business and technology considerations for end-to-end 3D measurement to answer such questions as:

  • Which 3D capture, processing and visualization tools are best for specific project applications?
  • Which tools will meet your needs for accuracy while staying within cost limitations?
  • What are best methods for processing and managing large datasets?
  • How best to share 3D information across the web with many stakeholders?

Conference participants represent the breadth of 3D markets including process & power, civil infrastructure, building & architecture, entertainment & gaming, forensic & security, digital cultural preservation. SPAR is the only technology-neutral event in the marketplace. Speakers, attendees and solutions providers share candid information about available and in-process technology solutions, approaches and work processes from peers in a range of disciplines. The exhibit floor includes all the major hardware manufacturers and software developers showcasing their latest technology solutions.