About the company

Established in 1998, LFM was one of the first companies to develop software to exploit the rapidly advancing 3D laser surveying technology. Continuous innovation has maintained LFM’s technology leadership in this economically important market. LFM’s powerful software and exceptional customer support have established a loyal and growing customer community.

This created a close working relationship between LFM and AVEVA, leading to AVEVA’s acquisition of LFM in 2011.

LFM Software’s philosophy is to continually develop hardware- and software-independent solutions enuring that LFM products are easy to use across the widest possible range of applications.

Today, LFM is AVEVA’s Centre of Excellence for 3D Data Capture and LFM solutions are part of the AVEVA laser scanning technology suite. They continue to be hardware and software vendor neutral, accepting data from all 3D laser scanners and exporting to 3D integrated plant design systems, CAD and Review platforms.

LFM software enables 3D laser survey data to be used to increase efficiency throughout an asset’s project and operational lifecycle. As a result, its users include leading EPCs such as AMEC, Jacobs Engineering and Fluor, and Owner Operators such as BP, Shell, British Energy, BASF, Total and Saudi Aramco.